What are some psychological facts about attracting people?


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A study shows that men who feel hungry often prefer women with more weights.

Evolutionary?biologists say that it’s better to be average looking, as average features advertise better reproductive health and more diverse set of genes.

We are more attracted to people who look similar to us.

Children who are born to their parents in their 30’s tend to find older faces more attractive than children born to their parents in their 20’s.

During your college life at what basis did you rate your teacher? Studies show that students tend to rate their teachers’ performance on the basis of physical attractiveness rather than on the knowledge and their ability to explain.

If you are more attractive, then there are chances that you are less likely to suffer punishment when convicted and even lesser chances to be convicted.

Studies show that children mostly select playmates based on physical attractiveness, as they think that physical appearence is often associated with being friendlier and smarter.

Television news directors prefer to air the injury or killing incident of an attractive victim than a plain one.

People who make the first move will be more attractive and get attracted.

Women judge a man to be more attractive when they see other women looking or smiling at him.

Whenever a woman finds a man attractive she speaks with a higher pitched voice.


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The colour red has been shown via scientific research to be an attraction booster in both men and women.

Women looking at men

The colour red enhances a man’s attractiveness.

In many nonhuman species of vertebrates, females are attracted to red on male.

Red is also a signal of male status in many nonhuman vertebrate species, and females show a mating preference for high-status males.

Women perceive men to be more attractive and sexually desirable when seen on a red background and in red clothing—due to increased status perception.

Men looking at women

Men reported higher sexual attraction toward a woman dressed in red compared to women dressed in other colours.

Men perceive women in red as more sexually receptive, and that they perceive sexually receptive women as more attractive.

Men also expressed the intent to spend more money on a date with a woman in red.

Male patrons gave higher tips to waitresses wearing red over waitresses wearing white.

The 'red effect' holds for young women but not for elderly women. (The age of the men doing the rating, however, did not matter: young and old men alike ranked young women in red as the most attractive).

Men chose to sit closer to the woman in red than to a woman dressed in a different colour。